hello lovely

about me

name - je
user names - fishstiks/squish/joieun
pronouns - she/he/they
non binary + asexual
hates - ketchup, bleu cheese, toxic people
loves - my favorite colors, music, sanrio (espc. chococat), pretty crystals, and you


bgs - bts, svt, txt, en-, skz, nct, ateez, oneus, shinee, bigbang, wanna one, arashi, johnny's west, sixtones. king and prince, v6

bands- day6, the rose, onewe, n.flying tokio, lenny code fiction, one ok rock, uverworld,kanjani 8, gorillaz

ggs - twice, itzy, dreamcatcher, dreamnote, rv, aespa, snsd, ioi, iz*one, everglow, mamamoo, perfume, nizi

soloists - eric nam, holland, somi, jyp, sumni, cl


find me

"You’re not ugly. The world’s standards are too high. You are beautiful” - new beautiful, epik high